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Adidas NFT Collection “Into The Metaverse”

Ever since Facebook renamed the corporation Meta, it rather sent out a surge of change across the world. Many entities and companies started to tap into the Metaverse. It instantly became the talk of the town. Just like cryptocurrency and NFTs all over the internet.

Recently, Adidas has become the latest company to embrace the Metaverse. However, it embraced it in an innovative manner. Adidas launched a collection named “Into The Metaverse.” This collection is primarily from its lifestyle label, the Adidas Originals. People, it is not at all like any other normal physical collection that you can pick up from an Adidas store.

This collection has been presented in NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens). With this collection, Adidas has already made over a whopping $23 million in Ethereum. Besides that, it made around $7.5 million in general sales. Looks like it hit all the right chords for Adidas. We can tell already that soon we will see other major fashion giants jumping on the bandwagon. If you think you are late for the NFT world this might change your idea.

Into The Metaverse!

Curious about the collection! We have all that you need to know.

This collection came out as a collaboration between Adidas and the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Other collaborators include the creators of Punk Comics and Gmoney. All these are quite famous in the world of NFTs.

“Into The Metaverse,” NFT collection will be a mix of both physical and digital items. The buyers can purchase the virtually wearable items to use in the Metaverse. On the other hand, they can have the exact same physical items to match in the real world. Sounds cool, right!

All these collectibles come with proven authenticity. Moreover, just like other NFTs, all these are unique. Besides that, the one who purchases gets complete ownership as well. The ownership is validated through a blockchain-based certificate.

The Adidas NFT collection “Into The Metaverse” was put on sale on December 17, 2021. It has also been listed on OpenSea. At OpenSea, phase 1 of the sale is live and will end on December 26, 2021. The prices started from 0.73 ETH. Check it out here!

The digital wearables are on sale. However, the matching physical collection will be available in the stores sometime in 2022. The digital items can be used on gaming platforms powered by blockchain technology. Some of these items comprise hoodies, tracksuits, and Gmoney’s famous orange beanie.