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How to Create NFT Art if you are not an artist?

Find the best way to create NFT art.

Imagine for a bit! You are just scrolling your Facebook feed on a fine evening. There you come across this news “The sale of NFT art for a whopping $12.9 million in the year 2020”. At that moment, a train of thoughts pop-ups into your mind. You think to yourself: Can I make an NFT collection for myself? Can I also be a millionaire by selling NFT arts?

With that, you get a rush of energy, and an optimistic vibe embraces you. Now, you are thinking of your profitable future in NFTs. Well, the very next moment, another thought hits you. Well, turns out you are not an artist! Now you get to know that these days the trend is not to upload a single art but to upload a whole collection with more than a thousand arts. Don’t worry this article is for you.

There you go! Now, all your plans are about to go down the drain. Wait, Hold your plans. Because there is always a way out to create NFT art if you are not an artist.

The best way out of this problem is to connect with NFT freelancers! Yes, you can actually find these amazing individuals with apt expertise on prominent freelancing platforms, such as Fiverr.

Below, we have two quick and viable options for you. You will find two NFT creator services from Fiverr. Now, you can choose the one well-suited for you in terms of budget.

Create NFT Art with the Top NFT Creators from Fiverr

These NFT sellers can fully help you with creating NFT art collections, like 1000 or 5000 items.

First, we have a good option for you if you have a limited budget.

Create a NFT collection with DragonD

DragonD is a top-rated seller on Fiverr with more than 100 five-star ratings.

This service can help you generate 1K, 10K, or even 100K unique art items for OpenSea. DilshanAbey is the mind behind DragonD, who is a crypto teacher. Moreover, he is an NFT serial venture capitalist. That makes this service the best for you.

The most-clicking thing about this service is that it is cost-effective. Ideal if you have a tight budget and want to create quality and unique NFT art. The standard package starts from just $262.45. Now, that sounds like a good deal!

Have a look at a review about DragonD

Create NFT art with DragonD from Fiverr. Here are some Reviews he got.
“These are the best graphic designers that you can find on Fiverr!!! They are very polite and also very understanding. If I ask for something extra they don’t even mind. I can see they don’t work for money but they really enjoy giving PERFECT work! I will definitely come back for more. Thank you!!!!!!”
Review about DragonD from

Not only the DragonD, but we also have another viable option for you.

Create a NFT collection with Damian3d5

Damian3d5 is yet another key player and Top-rated seller who can creator NFT art for you. He has worked for the wicked ape bone club ( 7500 ETH volume).  However, this service is for the ones who are going to be generous and confident about NFT creation. Honestly, it will totally be worth the shot.

Damian is an exceptional NFT art creator with around 10 years of experience. He is an ace NFT enthusiast as well. With his expertise, he can help you create more than 10K unique NFT characters. The standard package for this service starts at $1364.70.

Consider a review below:

Create NFT art with Damian3d5 from Fiverr. Here are some Reviews he got.
“AMAZING, he was so quick to respond and skilled. His communication was excellent and he nailed our need WAY above and beyond what we could have asked for. We gave a stick figure illustration and BAM, he took our idea and went way above and beyond. Could not say anything better, on time and way early every time. Nothing but a perfect experience.”
Review about Damian3d5 from

You are not late to create NFT arts. So don’t wait go and have a look If these amazing artists are suitable for you.