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How to become an NFT creator – Guide for Creating & Selling NFTs

Every other day, we all hear about NFTs (Non-Fungible tokens). We see posts about someone selling NFTs and making a million bucks. Now, that makes most of curious about them. In 2020, global NFT transactions exceeded a whopping $300 million. We all want to make money through NFTs, but still, we feel stagnant. That is because; we are not well aware of the two fundamentals of NFTs. These are creating and selling NFTs. For that, here, we have a definitive guide for you that covers both aspects. It will guide you on how to become an NFT creator. Moreover, you will learn about selling them.

Starting with creating an NFT.

How to become an NFT creator?

Although it might sound like a complicated thing, it is very simple in reality.

You can easily become an NFT creator by checking off a few things. All you need to do is tap into the very basics of the process.

Before going ahead, you need to know what things you can convert to an NFT. It is very simple. Anything in a digital format can be converted to an NFT. This can be music, images, digital art, text, or video.

Now, we will cover the essential steps involved in the creation of an NFT.

  • First, you need to opt for a marketplace to create an NFT. It will be a credible platform that will foster your NFT from the point of creation to selling. OpenSea is the leading NFT marketplace currently. It is very reliable and offers the sheer ease of creating and selling NFTs. Just simply make an account on OpenSea.
  • Next, link your digital or e-wallet with the marketplace. Having an Ether wallet is the ultimate option for this. It is compatible with all the marketplaces. It can easily hold the cryptocurrency that is mandatory for NFTs.
  • Now, it is time to create an NFT. It will simply involve converting your file’s digital format into an NFT. First, you will set up a collection. Later, you can store your NFTs into these collections. Next, you will get to conversion.
  • Your marketplace will have an option named “create new item.” Click on it. This will allow you to upload your digital file. Besides that, it will ask for several details. Provide all the details and click on create.

Now, you have an NFT. Further, it will go on sale through the same platform. For that, let us learn how to sell an NFT. If you are not an artist don’t worry. You still have a chance!

How to sell your NFTs?

After creating, let us get to the real game where you make money through your NFT.

  • After creating your NFT, you will have to list it on the same marketplace. Now, the potential collector will be able to see your unique NFT on display for sale.
  • However, it will not be that simple. You will have to promote your NFT. For this, you can either go for unpaid techniques or paid promotions ways. Both are effective. Remember that promotion is necessary to sell your NFT and reach the masses.
  • Now, if any collector is interested in your work, he or she will connect with you. If the NFT is on auction, the collector will bid on it.
  • Finally, anyone can buy your NFT. You will receive the amount in ETH in your ether wallet.

That is all!


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