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Top NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) Trends to Follow in 2022

Let us be real. This is high time to delve into the world of NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens). In 2021, NFTs officially became a billion-dollar industry when a sale of a staggering $2 billion was made in the first quarter of 2021. With Metaverse gaining immense potential, opportunities in NFTs will drastically soar in the coming years. That means we will see amazing and innovative NFT trends this year.

Well, it is now your time to make the best of what NFTs have to offer. Here, we will round off the top NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) trends to follow in 2022.

Top NFT Trends we will see in 2022

Let us begin!

1.     Web 3.0 will take hold.

Yes! Most probably, Web 3.0 will come into play. Moreover, NFTs will become an integral part of it. It is just like we are entering a new age of the internet and digitization. Surely, this revolution will be really exciting to witness. The earlier form of the web is essentially about reading and seeing data. In addition, it is about reading and writing, such as for social media.

However, things will take a different turn when Web 3.0 will fully emerge. Essentially, Web 3.0 is about rewards and ownership. That is where NFTs will become integral.

2.     Personality NFTs will Emerge.

Sounds like a different and unique thing! Personality NFTs will all be about famous personalities taking new faces or identities and participating as NFTs. For instance, we might see artists perform through NFT personalities rather than themselves through specialized apps. For this, the Metaverse will also come into play.

Many singers and musicians will be seen performing in the Metaverse. This will definitely take NFTs to whole another level. Besides that, artists will perform anonymously with a selected fan base under a new digital personality.

3.     Music & NFTs will go hand-in-hand in 2022

Just building another block on our previous point. Musicians have already started to perform virtually. The famous NFT figures, the Bored Apes, have already performed with a band virtually. With this, more streaming services will adapt to music NFTs. In fact, we will participate in live broadcasts and shows.

Moreover, this will provide young and emerging artists with a viable platform to launch their music. NFTs will be used to reward fans for following the artists. In addition, NFTs will act as royalties for artists. Now, that looks like an innovative strategy.

4.     An Efficient Ethereum 2.0 will come.

Currently, Ethereum technology uses way too much energy when transactions are made. A single transaction over Ethereum uses energy that is equivalent to the one-day usage of a household. Well, it is simply too much.

However, things are all set to change. In 2022, Ethereum 2.0 will emerge. It has the potential to limit energy consumption and mitigate costs as well. Moreover, it will enhance the value of NFTs.

5.     Digital Ownership will become Prevalent.

As we mentioned earlier, NFTs are essentially about digital ownership. In 2022, everything will have an NFT along with digital ownership. Moreover, the usage of digital tags will be more common for the valuation of assets. It will bring more transparency to the NFT industry as well. In a word, ownership will be massively clear.

Well, all these NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) trends surely are exciting. We cannot wait to see these trends roll out in 2022. Moreover, you should tap into each of the trends more to see the potential for you.